Why are my fees increasing?

Our membership fees have not been increased in over a decade and the Department has recently taken a comprehensive approach to assuring long term financial sustainability. During the past 12 years, significant value has been added to memberships through facility enhancements and expansions, technological advancements, conservation/sustainability efforts, expanded youth, adult and senior programming, state-of-the-art equipment and machinery updates, along with the addition of other modernized amenities and spaces. Additionally, operating and maintenance costs have steadily increased over time and while we strive to remain affordable, a rate adjustment is needed to remain financially sustainable.

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1. When will the new membership options and fee increases take effect?
2. What is Auto-Renew with Price Lock Promise? How do I know if I am enrolled in Auto-Renew?
3. How do I enroll in Annual Auto-Renew with Price Lock Promise?
4. What does active and uninterrupted membership mean while receiving the Price Lock Promise?
5. What happens if my credit card is stolen, expired or I miss a payment and I have the Price Lock Promise?
6. What if I want to change my type of membership?
7. Is the military/police/fire discount changing?
8. If I want to cancel my membership, do I still have to provide a 30-day notice? Is there still a cancellation penalty?
9. Why are my fees increasing?