Park and Field Reservations

Several of the Town's park spaces, ball fields and shelters may be reserved for private parties and other group gatherings.To begin the park rental process, complete the Park Rental Application and email it to us. We will respond to your request within 48 hours. Contact Bob Bullock at 303.805.6311 with any questions.

Field Rentals

Bar CCC Ball Field$15 per hour
Iron Horse Ball Fields$12 per hour, per field
O'Brien Ball Field$15 per hour
O'Brien Multi-Purpose Field$15 per hour
Salisbury Ball Fields$15 per hour, per field
Salisbury Multi-Purpose Field$15 per hour
Tallman Meadows Ball Field$15 per hour
Tallman Meadows Multi-Purpose Field$15 per hour
Stroh Multi-Purpose Fields$15 per hour, per field
Additional Fees - Drag and Line$30
Additional Fees - Lights$30

Park Shelter Rentals Minimum of two hours

Auburn Hills Pavilion$12 per hour
Bar CCC Pavilion$15 per hour
McCabe Meadows$12 per hour
O'Brien Gazebo$15 per hour
Salisbury East Pavilion$12 per hour
Salisbury West Pavilion$12 per hour
Tallman Meadows Pavilion$15 per hour
Additional Fees - Electricity$5
Additional Fees - Water Use$10

Park Rentals for Commercial Use

A permit is required to use any Town of Parker park for commercial purposes; find additional information and apply for a permit here. Commercial rentals are only permitted Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and noon and commercial rates are $50 per hour. O'Brien and Discovery Parks are not available for commercial use.

5K and Bike Races/Trails

  • $4 per participant for all profit and non-profit groups.

Policies and Permits