Equestrian Facility Rentals

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Bonnie Willems | Email | Ph: 303.805.3244

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Equestrian Facility Rentals Overview

Dec. 1: Equestrian facility rental requests can be made for the entire following year.

Equestrian Facility Rentals: Salisbury Park

  • Available to rent March 1 through Dec. 31 each year. For Equestrian Rentals, requests open on Dec. 1 for the entire following year. 
  • Full and half-day rental blocks are available. The full-day rate applies for rentals of eight or more hours. Half-day blocks include 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 to 8 p.m.; $10 additional fee per location applies for half-day rental outside of block times.
  • Warm up arena comes with the Rose Taylor arena rental.
  • The first prep of the horse arenas (drag only) is included in the rental fee. 
  • Proof of 501c3 is required to receive non-profit rate.
  • Any commercial use of Town property must be approved and will pay the for-profit rate. For commercial photography/videography permits, email Jaime Vollertsen.
LocationNon-ProfitGeneral PublicFor-Profit

Rose Taylor Arena$63$126$75$151$113$226
Rose Taylor Building$31$63$37$75$56$113
Polo Field$56$113$69$138$100$201
White Arena$56$113$69$138$100$201
Lower (NE) Area$56$113$69$138$100$201
Full Rental - All Equestrian Facilities (excludes Lower Area)$226$453$277$554$396$793

Community Event Permits

Rentals requiring additional assistance from Parks and Recreation staff or those that exceed 100 participants may require a Community Event Permit.

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