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Public Open House and Conceptual Plan Update - Nov. 29, 2017

Parker Parks and Recreation held a public open house on Nov. 1 at Town Hall to display conceptual plans for the Harvie Open Space property. Based upon input received from our residents regarding the improvements to the property, we’ve refined the Conceptual Plan for this project. These modifications include the following:

  • Removing and re-locating several soft-surface trails along the west side of the Harvie property near the Quail Creek community.  The nearest trail is now approximately 300’ from the rear property line of the homes in this area.
  • Relocating the proposed seating area/shade structure located near the north side of the Harvie property further to the south away from the residential area that boarder the property on the north.  Also removing the previously proposed maintenance access path in this area.
  • Incorporation of smooth wire fence with wooden posts or T-posts around the perimeter of the property, as necessary.
  • Other items we’ll continue to explore as this project moves forward include: rules and regulation signage, park identification signage, trailside seating and bench types, intersection improvements at Mainstreet and Canterberry Parkway, shelter design and architecture, plus security and safety features for the dawn-to-dusk parking area.  


Located just north of the intersection of Mainstreet and Canterberry Parkway, this 72-acre site was conveyed to the Town by Douglas County earlier this year. The property holds a conservation easement allowing for minimal improvements that is designed to protect the long-term open space values of the site. Uses allowed per the existing conservation easement include soft-surface trails, interpretive signage, gravel parking lot with up to 20 spaces, picnic shelters, tables, benches, one restroom facility, wood fencing, plus a maximum of two historic structures.

Conceptual Plan Details

  • 72 acres (does not include Pope Rd. on the east border; that’s still County-owned/maintained).
  • Conceptual Plan includes series of soft-surface trails with several trailside seating areas with various interpretive displays.
  • Soft-surface parking lot (max. 20 parking spaces) with access off of Mainstreet.
  • Several low-impact pedestrian drainage crossings.
  • One ADA accessible restroom (vault type) located at parking lot area.
  • Dawn to dusk use of the site with minimal lighting located near Mainstreet/Canterberry Parkway intersection for safety/security purposes.
  • Potential pedestrian only access points located along Mainstreet.
  • Intersection enhancements to facilitate safe access to the site.
  • Future park identification sign located near parking lot area.

Site History

  • February, 1996 – Ray J. Harvie granted to the Douglas County Land Conservancy a Conservation Easement covering the 72 acre property.
  • February, 1996 – Ray J. Harvie conveyed the 72 acre property to Douglas County subject to a “Life Estate”.  Upon Mr. Harvie’s death in 2008 the Life Estate was terminated and the property was to be named and known as, Ray J. Harvie Park.
  • December, 2016 – Property conveyed from Douglas County to the Town of Parker.  Town is now subject to the provisions in the Conservation Easement.
  • June/July, 2017 – Town of Parker initiates and completes clean-up of the property.
  • August/September, 2017 – Property included within the Parker Water & Sanitation District.
  • November, 2017 – Public Open House to review the proposed Conceptual Plan for the site. Updates made to conceptual plan based on public feedback.

Uses Allowed by Conservation Easement

  • Soft-surface trails (Section 4.1c of Conservation Easement – CE).
  • Interpretive signage, including signs identifying the property (Section 4.1d of CE).
  • Soft-surface (i.e. road base) parking lot with maximum parking for 20 cars (Section 4.1e of CE).
  • One restroom facility (Section 4.1f of CE).
  • Weed management, erosion control & vegetation enhancement (Section 4.1b of CE).
  • Smooth wire fencing & wood fencing acceptable to Colorado Division of Wildlife (Section 4.1i of CE).
  • Picnic shelter, picnic tables & benches.  These structures shall be of an earth tone color.  Picnic shelters may have a concrete base and accommodate up to 25 people in total (Section 4.1h of CE).
  • Placement of no more than two historic structures on the property (Section 4.1j of CE).
  • Public access for non-motorized activities, including but not limited to picnicking, pedestrian, bicycling, equestrian, cross-country skiing (Section 4.1k of CE).

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Harvie Open Space Conceptual Plan

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