What if I’m a SilverSneakers or RenewActive member?

Good news, the Virtual Group Fitness classes are FREE for you. If you are currently a member at the Parker Recreation Center, you still need to register for the Weekly or Monthly Virtual Group Fitness Access to gain the Zoom link, but you will not be charged. If you are not currently a member at the Recreation Center, but you have SilverSneakers or Renew Active through your insurance, you will need to complete this online form to register for the membership. In order to complete this, please contact the Membership Team at membership@parkeronline.org or 303.805.3275 for assistance.

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1. Will Virtual Group Fitness Classes continue as facilities reopen?
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3. What if I’m a SilverSneakers or RenewActive member?
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5. What if I can’t attend a class after I purchase the activity?
6. Can I use my Virtual Group Fitness registration to access the in-person classes?
7. Are the virtual classes safe?
8. Is Zoom safe?