Parks and Recreation Capital Projects

O'Brien Park Playground

Playground is now open! A planning process was completed with the community in 2019 to identify improvements needed for the O’Brien Park Playground. Due to COVID, the project construction was put on hold. In late 2021, the project was re-initiated, and the Town is moving forward with the improvements to the playground. During construction, the playground will be shut down and have a fence around the construction work area. There should be minimal disruption to other park areas and activities, including events, programs and H2O’Brien Pool.

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New O'Brien Park playground additions and improvements include:

  • New universally accessible playground equipment and surfacing
  • Additional shade pavilions and picnic tables
  • Climbing wall/hillside play area
  • Swing bench seating
  • Musical instruments
  • Drinking fountain with bottle filler
  • Landscape and irrigation

Click here to view project rendering.

Anticipated O'Brien Park Playground Construction Dates: June 14 through Nov., 2022; typically Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


  • Why replace the existing O'Brien Park playground structure?
    • The current play equipment is 17 years old and past its useful life. The metal decks are rusting out, and the plastic on the slides and other components is cracking, fading, and will ultimately become unusable as the structures continue to age. 
    • The surfacing and equipment are outdated. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing will provide universal or ADA access to new net climbing, swinging features, hillside play, slides, musical instruments, spring rider, spinners, and panels. These features will modernize the playground and increase the play value for all users.
  • What happens to the current structure? 
    • Richdell Construction will recycle as much material as possible.
    • Because of the age and deterioration of the materials, for safety standards it is not recommended to re-use any of the structure.
  • Why is construction happening during the summer?
    • It was a difficult decision to close the O'Brien Park playground during the summer months. But the design consultant and contractor recommended that the poured-in-place rubber surfacing be installed when temperatures are typically more consistently warm and dry throughout the day and overnight. With the wide fluctuations in Colorado weather, it was determined the best time to do this is from September to early October, which means building the playground throughout the summer as the poured-in-place is the last step in the playground installation process.

Harvie Open Space

View general information about Harvie Open Space here.

Harvie Open Space Access Improvements: Construction will be underway this year near the intersection of Mainstreet and Canterberry Parkway for the Harvie Open Space Access Improvements Project. Work includes intersection modifications for a future parking lot on the north side of the intersection. Work for the access project is scheduled to be completed by late summer 2023. Open space improvements, which need to be completed before the space is available for public use, are tentatively scheduled to be completed by late 2023.

High Plains Trail

View general information about the High Plains Trail here

Anticipated High Plains Trail Overpass Construction Dates: Construction on the Parker Road Overpass for the High Plains Trail began in April 2022 and is expected to be completed by Spring 2023. This phase of the project is being coordinated by Arapahoe County Open Spaces, Public Works and Development, and Jalisco International, Inc. Visit the Arapahoe County High Plains Trail Connector Project page for additional project information.  

Salisbury North Park Expansion

The Town of Parker owns 90 acres of land adjacent to the Salisbury Equestrian Park and Sports Complex in the Cherry Creek Corridor.  The Salisbury North Park is scheduled to be designed in 2023. The park amenities on the master plan include multi-use turf fields, baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, play areas, pavilions, trails, parking and landscaping. Park amenities will most likely be built in phases depending on available funding and approval by Town Council. The first phase of construction is anticipated to start in 2024.

The Trails at Crowfoot residential community located south of Stroh Ranch near Crowfoot Valley Road is currently under construction and will include a new centrally located 17-acre community park. Find more information about the Trails at Crowfoot Community Park here.

Capital Projects Contact

Brett Collins, Park Project Manager | Email | Ph: 303.805.3276