Baldwin Gulch Trail


18945 S Twenty Mile Rd 

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  • 1.19 miles
  • Trail Surface: Concrete
  • Users: Cyclists (including E-Bikes), Pedestrians (including dogs on-leash), Equestrians
  • Runs NW/SE between Cherry Creek/Pine Dr. and Lincoln Ave./Village Creek Pkwy.
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Baldwin Gulch Trail follows an intermittent waterway of the same name for approximately 1.4 miles from Lincoln Ave. (between Parker Road and Pine Drive) to its endpoint at the trail access along Pine Lane (just west of the Cherry Creek bridge). Underpasses allow trail users to safely cross beneath Parker Rd. at E. Ponderosa Drive, and beneath Lincoln Ave. just west of Village Creek Pkwy.

Baldwin Gulch Trail connects to the Cherry Creek Trail by way of the Pine Lane bridge over Cherry Creek. A pedestrian sidewalk was built as part of the Pine Lane extension in 2007. There is trailhead parking on Dransfelt Rd. at Twenty Mile Rd.

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