Parker Equestrian Trail


Runs N/S parallel to Cherry Creek Trail


  • 8.11 miles
  • Trail Surface: Native Surface
  • Users: Preferably Equestrians, but cyclists (including E-Bikes), Pedestrians (including dogs on-leash) are permitted but must yield to horses
  • Loop Trail system between Legend High School. and Cimarron Middle School in the Idyllwilde subdivision
  • Benches
  • Interpretive signage
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The Parker Equestrian Trail runs roughly parallel to the Cherry Creek Trail throughout the Town’s Open Space corridor. Although independent of the Cherry Creek Trail’s concrete pathway, the Equestrian Trail coincides with the concrete pathway in a few spots.

This happens where the Equestrian Trail’s available right-of-way or the Town’s allowed passage corridor (in cases of prearranged trail access through private property) is not wide enough to accommodate two distinct trail ways.

Additionally, there are a handful of spots where the Equestrian Trail crosses the concrete trail. Otherwise, riding the Equestrian Trail is almost exclusively a native surfaced, Open Space experience, with its associated native flora and fauna adding to each ride.

The Town’s Parks Division is working on better defining and mapping the Equestrian Trail, from the north Town border to the south. Once the entire route is formally defined and online mapping is completed, an interactive Equestrian Trail map will be available.

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