Registration FAQs

Here are some helpful hints and the answers to some frequently asked questions to get you started with the new online registration system.
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Do I need to create a new account? If you hold a current membership, punch passes or voucher/credits, you may already have an account created. If you did not receive an email notification but feel you may fit into this group, please contact Sarah at or 303.805.3273. Otherwise, all patrons will need to create a new account with the new system.

How do I manage my account or create a new account? Click here for information on managing your account or click here for instructions on creating a new account. When creating a new account, be sure to start with an adult's information (email and password) because children under 14 are not able to access an account. If you have already created an account with a child as the main contact, please contact the front desk (Recreation Center - 303.841.4500 or Fieldhouse - 303.805.6300) to have the password and log in reassigned to an adult.

Does every household member need to have an assigned email address? Yes! Please enter an email address for each member of the household, even young children. The email addresses can all be the same, unless you're a coach/instructor, but it is needed for each individual to register for activities and leagues, and is used as the contact information on rosters for coaches and instructors. If you are a Parker Parks and Recreation coach or instructor, you will need to assign a unique email address so that you can log-in to view your rosters.
Will I be able to view the available activities and leagues before registration opens for that season? You will be able to view any activities and leagues that are available in the system. You can even add particular activities/leagues to your 'Wish List' with the click of a button so that it's all set to go at 10 a.m. on the registration date.
What's the best way to search for activities and leagues? There are several ways to search for activities and leagues! If searching by keyword, keep it simple. i.e. "climbing" for Climbing Wall activities and "lacrosse" for lacrosse leagues and activities. Once you're into a list of activities/leagues, use the search filters on the left to really narrow your search. It's very easy to search by age, day/time and more!

Is registration taken by age or by grade?
 As of Nov. 3, all activity and league registrations are based on age. Some age groups will overlap in sports leagues so please select the division that best fits their size, playing experience and competition level. 

Have all activities and leagues changed to a 10 a.m. open registration time? Yes, ACTIVE Net is based on the west coast so support is more readily available at this time, we have more staff support at this time and it helps to better accommodate those patrons with a hectic morning schedule because of commuting, carpooling, etc.

Is there a new refund policy? Yes, if a class is canceled or combined due to insufficient registration, you will be notified prior to the class and will receive a full refund, credit or transfer to another class. Cancelation, refund and transfer requests must be made three business days prior to the scheduled start of the activity. There is a $5 processing fee for each change to the initial registration purchase. Click here to view the Sports refund policy. 

Can I access receipts for past activities, leagues and memberships? You will not be able to access any previous transaction records on the new system. If you need receipts for tax purposes, please contact Sarah at
Is there a detailed receipt available? Your initial receipt is simply a payment confirmation. If you need to locate your detailed activity information or receipt:
 - Log in to your account:
 - Select My Account and then Transaction History from the Account Activity section
 - Select the desired activity from the list of transactions, which will take you to the detailed receipt
     + Sports league teams are listed just above the blue question/answer section
     + The league time and coach are listed as the team name
If you didn't find the answer to your question here, please contact Sarah at or 303.805.3273