Eagle Scout Project Guidelines and Ideas

Please consider the following when approaching the Town about any Eagle Scout Project:

  • The Scout must present a specific Eagle Project proposal, with location specified, for Town approval.
  • The Scout must plan to provide all planning, development, fundraising and leadership for any Project.
  • No Eagle Project will be considered without a complete Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal, form 512-927.
  • Due to manpower and resource constraints, only 2-3 Eagle Projects will be approved per calendar year.
  • Eagle Projects for the Town must be completed during the months of April thru October each year.
  • 1½ - 2 months’ notice is required prior to beginning an Eagle Project on any Town Property.

Parks or Forestry/Open Space-related Eagle Scout Project possibilities (Scout decides most locations):

  • Tree replacement (5-15 trees, depending on site selection).
  • Open Space cleanup (see online Open Space map for location proposal).
  • Passive (“social- or Horse-”) trail repair or restoration in Open Space.
  • Open Space wildlife habitat restoration (when/where determined by Open Space Division)..
  • Work with Town’s GIS Division to design and produce a Prairie Loop Trail map/guide/circuit.
  • Shrub or Perennial replacements where needed on Town properties (as determined by Parks Division).
  • Install Recycle bins in more highly-trafficked parks (examples: Tallman Meadows, Railbender, Salisbury).
  • Design/install Raptor Poles (nest platforms) in Town Open Space.
  • Restore Salisbury Open Space horse obstacle course (with input from Parker’s horse community).
  • Other similar projects, or bring your own ideas to the Town..

Additional Information:

For Parks-related Project questions, contact Ben Shipley, Parks, Forestry and Open Space Administrator at 303.805.3255. For Forestry/ Open Space/ Trail Project questions, contact Erik Stadsvold, Town Forester at 303.805.3221.

If these outdoor project possibilities do not interest an Eagle Scout candidate, he can always consider contacting other Parker-based entities, such as:

  • Churches
  • Parker Senior Center
  • Parker Task Force
  • Any of several online Scouting-based and Eagle Scout Project-based websites for more ideas

Regardless of your choice, thank you for your interest in providing service to the Town of Parker!

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