Day Camp

The Fieldhouse Day Camp is a YEAR-ROUND program for kids ages 5 to 13 designed to keep them engaged and active during their breaks! We keep busy with games, sports, crafts, science experiments, special guests and the climbing wall.

Steps to Registration:

    1. Create an Active Net Account here, Please do not create a duplicate account: Active Net - Customer Portal
    2. Once you have logged in to your Active Account, please save a credit card on your account by: Going to "My Account" > Under "Account Actvity" > Select "List Saved Credit Cards / Electronic Checks" > Select "Add New" - This is a required step in order to register for Camp.
    3. Please email notifying us that you have completed the previous steps and that you would like to be invited into our ePACT network.
    4. Next, you will receive an invite from ePACT. Please complete this request and submit a copy of your child's immunization record. We do need you to complete each request for each child. If you have any issues with registering for ePACT, please contact ePACT at or call them at 1.855.773.7228.
    5. When your ePACT online registration is submitted, we will give you access to register for days through your Active Net Account. The registration fee will be $15 per child and will be charged with the saved Credit Card on your account. As a sign up gift, all campers will receive an orange swim shirt.
    6. You can now register online on your Active Net Account (Link in Step 1) on your designated registration day. Please follow our webinar for assistance in registering for days online:
  • Zak

    Fees 2018

    Daily Fee: $39
    • Field Trips: Additional $10 and up, depending on trip
    • Sibling Discount: 10 percent discount for siblings

    Per the Department of Human Services, all enrollment information must be turned into the camp by the day that your child first attends. If any of the forms are considered not applicable (N/A) please write that on the form and then sign the form for our records.