Flat 14ers

Climb a Mountain in Parker!

More than 50 peaks in Colorado have an altitude of 14,000 feet or higher and are known as "14ers." Now you can climb the equivalent of a 14er in your own community!

What is Flat 14ers?

Flat 14ers is a State of Colorado initiative to encourage children, families, teachers, staff, administrators and community members to increase their level of physical activity by climbing virtual 14ers. It provides a fun, easy and free way to become active and stay active by converting minutes of activity such as walking, running, cycling, playing soccer or basketball into steps towards reaching the summit of a 14er. A simple tracking system helps you make the conversions and keeps track of steps.

Where are Parker's Flat 14ers?

Look for the signs! Certain parks/trails throughout Douglas County have been designated Flat 14ers with directions for walking to the "summit" of specific Colorado 14ers.

  • Auburn Hills Park
    Prairie Crossing Elementary (Mt. Bierstadt) - 11682 Bradbury Ranch Road
    Start at sign, walk around school block and return 9 times
  • Sulphur Gulch Trail
    Pioneer Elementary (Torreys Peak) - 10881 Riva Ridge Road
    Start at sign at Pioneer Elementary, east on trail to turnaround sign and return 4 times
  • Tallman Gulch Trail
    Iron Horse Elementary (Mt. Massive) - 20151 Tallman Drive
    Start at sign at Iron Horse Elementary on northeast corner of sports field, walk trail to turnaround sign at Cimarron Middle School and return 6 times

Send questions about Parker's Flat 14ers by email to Mary Colton or call 303.805.3261. View Parker Parks, Trails and Facilities Maps.