1. Plan for fun with


  1. Mar 19
  2. Unsolved Science

    Science Matters needs your help in solving the Unsolved Science Mystery. Use forensic science skills...
  1. Mar 20
  2. Radical Reaction Lab

    Enter our reaction lab and you will be transformed into a chemist! Create chemical concoctions that ...
  1. Mar 23
  2. Babysitting Class

    This course is designed to give knowledge necessary for the first-time babysitter. The skills covere...
  1. Mar 26
  2. Superhero Day

    Come dressed as your favorite superhero to play super games and eat super snacks with your super fri...
  1. Mar 27
  2. Princess Tea Party

    Her little highness will enjoy a day of socializing with the other princesses in the kingdom. Dress ...
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